Accountomatic Automated Accounting

Invoices, receipts and statements scanned in...
Reports, accounts and returns out...
What could be easier?

Why Accountomatic Automated Accounting?

Nothing could be easier than Accountomatic

Accountomatic is probably the most automated bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance service you will find. All you do is scan in your invoices, receipts and statements and leave the rest to us. All reports, accounts, tax returns and submissions are taken care of for you.

What more do you need or want?

Professional and reliable

Created by a UK Chartered Accountant with many decades experience with owner managed and family businesses, with the specific aim of relieving you of the burden, stress and frustration of bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance, this is a great value for money and ultimately affordable service.

Apply your resources far more profitably

Free up your resources from time consuming and costly bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance duties.

Instead work on and invest more in the areas of your business that really matter – where you can generate more profit to really make the most of the business!

Immediate results

The effect is immediate – you go straight from tearing your hair out due to the stress of keeping up with all that bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance to simply scanning in your invoices, receipts and statements and leaving the rest to us! OK, for the first week or two you’ll have to go through the on boarding process, but it’s easy and hassle free and you’ll quickly find that the drudge of bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance becomes a thing of the past!

How cool is that?

Wherever you are in England or Wales

Due to the digital nature of this system, we are able to provide the service throughout the whole of England and Wales. We even hold meetings safely, securely and efficiently using Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or Google Meet, meaning that participants can join in wherever they are located at the time!

Affordable and great value for money

Due to the super efficiency of this service, it doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, compared to the cost of your present bookkeeping, accountancy and tax compliance, we’re sure you’ll be surprised how affordable and great value for money our service is! What’s more, with us the price we quote is the full price. There are no unexpected hidden or year-end extras.

How can we do this?

Super-efficient software and system

With our system your business transactions are held in a single database. Entries are classified and coded at the time of processing so that the apps within the software extract exactly the information required to produce the various reports, accounts and tax returns. That both minimises processing time and ensures that there is absolute consistency between all reports, accounts and returns produced.

Because of the efficient, automated nature of our software and system, we take extreme care to ensure the absolute accuracy and integrity of the data processed – such as training at all levels, on the job reviewing and mentoring, data reconciliation and analytical review.

Professional guarantee

The depth and extent of our quality control allows us to guarantee accuracy and compliance and, provided data is sent to us by you (that is that you scan in the invoices, receipts and statements) as agreed, that all returns and filings are dealt with by their due dates.

The efficiency of our single database system and the automation of reporting and returns also enables us to guarantee our affordable and great value for money fee!

Great bonuses

That's not all. There are great bonuses included in our price.

Bonus 1

Bespoke reports, available on your desktop or mobile device, provide you with the exact information you need, presented exactly as you need it, at the time that you need it, to help you with both the day to day running of your business and in planning for the longer term. Unlike many services, when the information you receive may be dated to the extent that, by the time you receive it, it has no value to you in running your business, the reports we provide are as up to date as the information that has been processed, which could be right up to the minute!

Bonus 2

For incorporated business – limited companies and limited liability partnerships – we also provided a registered office and company secretarial service and deal with filing accounts and the annual compliance statement at Companies House.

Bonus 3

If you are an employer, we are able to deal with your payroll, fully integrating it with the bookkeeping and accounting system, thereby further reducing duplication of effort and scope for error.

It’s really easy to get on board with us.

The process begins with you calling us for a no obligation discussion. Provided we think we’re a good fit, we issue a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us, following which we prepare an engagement letter (contract) and fee quote, you ‘sign up’ and we take it from there.

We contact your present bookkeeper, accountant or other professional for the clearance and changeover information we need, set up your records – and you then forget all about bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance.

From that point on, all you have to do is scan in your invoices, receipts and statements – and that’s so simple your 10 year old son or daughter could do it for you – and leave the rest to us.

Freedom at last!!!

What should you do now?

You know that if you do nothing, nothing will change – you’ll go on in the same old way, with time consuming, expensive, frustrating and stressful bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance services, often racing against the clock to meet submission deadlines at the very last minute.

You know that you could change everything with this efficient, guaranteed, great value for money and affordable alternative.

You know that you can make the change with one simple call.

So, what are you waiting for?

You can get on a call to us right now at 0117 442 0722 or, if you prefer, book a time for us to call please click here.

We’re just waiting to hear from you…

Accountomatic Automated Accounting


What do our standard services include?

Bonus services

Additional services

About Accountomatic Automated Accounting

Accountomatic Automated Accounting is a trading name of and operated by Nigel Moysey Limited, practicing Chartered Accountants. I, Nigel Moysey, am the sole shareholder and director, and hold a practicing certificate Issued by The Institute of Chartered Accountancy in England and Wales.

Following in excess of 40 years in accountancy practice, from commencement of training in 1970 to retirement from a 20 partner provincial partnership in 2017, I gained massive experience of a wide range of businesses. For most of that time, although very much a general practice accountant, my work was heavily biased towards personal and family business tax planning and mitigation.

My tax experience included taxation of personal and business income, capital; gains tax, inheritance tax, succession planning and trusts..

Following my retirement, I turned my attention to considering the way in which most accounting practices seemed to operate which, for most it seemed, despite the advances in technology, had changed little in the previous 20 years or so. They may well have embodied technology, or thought the had, to the extent that they were or are using it, They were or are not, however, using it as they should be. In fact, most seemed to be using it as an aid in producing files structured in exactly the same way as they were getting on for 20 years earlier.

In fact, far from increased efficiency the use of technology has been adding to the time taken and consequently increasing the fees charged to you, the client.

It's taken me a couple of years, but I have now designed the Accountomatic Automated Accounting system that should fulfill all of your requirements, reducing the imposition on your time, completing all compliance tasks on your behalf and providing you with the most useful and current information possible upon which you can base those tricky business decisions.

So, you know that the only sensible step for you is to learn more, which is as easy as clicking the button below and getting in touch with us.

Why not do that right now?

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